Am Classic Kon.kit F 100x9mm TA

For AC 17mm Fornav 9mm Thru Axle

Varenr:AX1709703-KitEAN nummer: 7071699108363
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The purpose of the 9mm front and 10mm rear thru axle system is to stiffen a standard QR mountain bike frame without unscrewing an unwieldy, heavy bolt. Our Thru Axle Quick Releases act as an axle and centers the hub in the QR fork or frame drop out without fishing for adjustment. It's easy to change the wheel because it is a quick release, not a bolt. Mechanism clamps tightly. It is stronger than a traditional QR skewer with a beefy aluminum shaft and steel contact points against the frame for superior grip. For a noticeable improvement in stiffness, try the AC Thru Axle QR’s.
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