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Giant Lys Recon HL 1600 Black

Oppladbar 300-1600 Lumens

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Two words that describe the Recon HL 1600 are: bright and cool. Bright in terms of strength, smartness, and illumination.
The Recon is cool in both literal, and slang senses. The Recon's body is made of CNC-machined aluminum, designed to dissipate heat. Another cool part is the SpeedBeam feature which adjusts light output based on speed or the Smart Mode which senses ambient light and adjusts light output, day or night. This light can connect to your bike computer via ANT+ technology to display light settings and battery information too.

  • SpeedBeam feature adjusts light output based on riding speed
  • Smart Mode light sensor monitors ambient light to adjust light output day or night
  • Pair with Garmin, or ANT+ computers and see the battery information and light mode on the computer screen
  • Lumens and runtime are ANSI-Standard certified
  • Focused optics with side light design for over 270-degrees of visibility
  • Heat-dissipating CNC-machined aluminum structure
  • Power status indicator alerts remaining run-time before powering off
  • IXP6 waterproof rating

Recon+ HL  
Adjustable GoPro mount  
Out-front mount (31.8-35mm)  
Micro-USB charging cable  
Handlebar mount (31.8-35mm)  
Aero shape strap  

Sizes: 105x35x47mm 
Weight: 204g (without mount) 
Lumens: 1600 

  • High 1600 lumens (1.5hrs)
  • Middle 800 lumens (4.5hrs)
  • Low 300 lumens (10hrs)
  • Smart 800 lumens flash output in Day (50hrs); 800 lumens steady output at night (4.5hrs)
  • SpeedBeam 1600-800 lumens (1.5-4hrs)
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